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curl -s | bash
curl -s | bash

cgal cryptominisat5 imath leatherman libcmis libime libixion libtorrent-rasterbar libuhd lucene++ monero source-highlight
cpp-hocon gnuradio liborcus libwhereami openimageio openvdb vigra
gnuradio-osmosdr openshadinglanguage
0ad adriconf aegisub bitcoin blender cclive ceph eclib facter fcitx5-chinese-addons freecad frogatto gearmand glob2 glom gnucash gource gpick guitarix heaptrack hugin i2pd imagescan inkscape innoextract kea kig kopeninghours ledger libappimage libkolabxml liblas libphonenumber libpst libreoffice-fresh libreoffice-still librime linssid luminancehdr maeparser mapnik monero-gui mupen64plus ncmpcpp openmw openscad osquery pamixer performous poedit povray powerdns powerdns-recursor prjtrellis prusa-slicer pulseeffects pulseview python-pycuda schroot snapper soapyosmo springlobby srslte stp supercollider supertux swift sympol trojan usd wesnoth widelands wt yosys zcash znc